West Brisbane Tree Removal

Wherever you’re located in West Brisbane, we can remove, grind, prune and mulch your trees for you in no time. The western suburbs of Brisbane are filled with lush trees thanks to the swaths of rainforests and countryside nearby. It really is an idyllic area of Brisbane to live in with prime proximity to both the city and beautiful natural spots. But if trees near you have become hazardous or are in a poor location, contact us to remove them for you.

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Samford Village, Draper and Closeburn

Are you living the life amongst the countryside in Samford Village, Draper or Closeburn? Although properties in these locations are highly sought after, there’s no doubt you’ll likely require the removal of a tree or two on your property at some stage.

Whether it’s a threat to your home during a storm or if it needs to go to make way for a new build, we will come out to your west Brisbane property and remove the tree for you.

Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills & The Gap

Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills and The Gap are stunning hilly suburbs surrounded by many trees and ideally located within a stone’s throw from conversation parks and lush rainforest reserves. These leafy and highly desirable suburbs are fraught with tree woes every now and then, and we’re here to help.

We service the entirety of South East Queensland and are well versed in tackling any tree job that these Brisbane west suburbs have to throw at us. From a townhouse in The Gap with an obstructive gum tree encroaching on the property to a Ferny Grove hilltop house wanting to maximise their view, we can get the job done.

Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo

When you think of a place in Brisbane with the highest abundance of trees, the first locations to come to mind would have to be Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo. Locals and tourists alike love taking a drive up these mountains to be amongst this lush, green nature haven, but for residents, all these trees can mean that hazardous tree removal is more than likely. Whether it be the removal of a tree that threatens a roadway or driveway, or if a little pruning is required to minimise the risk when storms hit, we can cater to you, wherever you are in Mount Glorious or Mount Nebo.


Brookfield and Pullenvale

With large acreages and an enviable amount of picturesque countryside to explore, the Brisbane western suburbs of Brookfield and Pullenvale sure do have plenty of trees that require removal or maintenance. You can’t beat the lifestyle out here, but to make the most of it, the trees on your property need to be cut back or removed altogether to keep your home safe and looking nice. So, if you live in Brookfield on an acreage or on a suburban plot encroached by trees in Pullenvale, we will come to you and remove or tame your troublesome trees.

Need Tree Removal Services in West Brisbane?

With most western suburbs of Brisbane spoilt with a beautiful green backdrop of trees, it was a must for us to ensure this part of Brisbane was included in our service area.

We provide our services to both residential and commercial properties, so whether you require tree removal, pruning, mulching or stump grinding and you live in these west Brisbane suburbs, call us on 0447 172 885 to make a booking with us.

However, we don’t operate exclusively in these locations. If you live in other surrounding suburbs within west Brisbane, give us a call to check if we are available in your area.

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