Whether you need your tree mulched, or if you’re after some mulch for your garden, our team at SEQ Tree Lopping can help. We have wood chipping machines on hands to reduce any tree in your yard down to manageable wood chips. These wood chips can then be used as tree mulch in any garden or to be distributed around the base of any trees.

Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for a chat or a quote on your tree mulching services requirements.

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Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for a chat or a quote on your tree mulching services requirements.

What is Tree Mulching

Tree mulch consists of wood chips that are layered and distributed across the surface of the soil. When you mulch correctly, you save yourself time and energy spent weeding and watering thanks to the mulch’s insulating and protective nature.

Tree mulch is an excellent way to ensure your trees and garden remain in excellent condition. Not only does it help ensure that your garden beds are retaining as much water as possible, but it also helps to keep your plants pest free.

Need Mulch For Your Garden

When we remove trees from your yard and mulch them in our wood chipping machine, the end result is nutrient rich organic material that makes for perfect mulch.

When we mulch a tree or branches for you, you are welcome to keep the mulch for yourself. Otherwise, we take the mulch away and distribute it to community gardening centres and interested home gardeners.

But even if you don’t have a tree for removal, you can still get mulch from us. In many cases we offer free mulch – all you pay for is the cost of delivery if you are off our usual route.


The Benefits Of Mulching

Wondering whether you need to mulch? Practically every garden will benefit from the application of a layer of mulch. When you mulch, you will enjoy a range of benefits including:

Mulching has the benefit of working to protect your plants and garden from damage – whether that is from lawn equipment, an enthusiastic dog or burrowing animals.

Without open air to grow in, weeds will often deteriorate and die before they ever get a chance to grow. Mulch offers a protective layer to ensure that your garden won’t be under attack from weeds.

Trap all the good moisture in under a layer of mulch and avoid surface evaporation. Mulching is important as it guards your plants against heat and moisture loss, as well as protecting against wind evaporation. You won’t have to water as much when you have mulch in place!

Not only is mulch great for your garden, it’s also a way to create a beautiful space for your plants to grow in. You can choose from a range of organic mulch types and can even select a range of mulches and colours depending on the area you have to work with.

Keep the roots of your plants protected in winter with a nice thick layer of mulch. You will love being able to grow plants confidently, even during the cooler months.

You need to ensure that you do not over-mulch, and that you are using the right level of mulch for your garden. We can provide you with guidance on how to mulch and what type of mulch to use.

Tree Mulching Services Brisbane

We’re here to provide you with quality tree mulching services no matter where you are in south-east Queensland. We are fully licensed, insured and owner operated, so you can be assured that you’re going to get quality when you work with us.

Find out more about our services online or call us for a chat about what your tree mulching service needs are.

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