Stump Grinding and Removal in Brisbane

Need to get rid of a stump? It’s always best to get professional stump grinding services involved to have it removed. It’s a lot safer and easier to remove a tree stump with stump grinding than it is to try and remove a tree stump by digging around and underneath it.

At SEQ Tree Lopping, we’re well equipped to handle your stump grinding job. Our years of experience removing stumps and managing all aspects of stump removal across Brisbane means that we can tackle whatever you’ve got with ease.

We offer an entire service whereby we cut down and remove a tree from your yard and finish the job with stump grinding, or we can come and simply grind a stump left over from a previous tree removal job. Tree removal and stump grinding are our forte, and we ensure that we do the job right the first time around.

Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for a chat or a quote on your stump grinding.

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Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for a chat or a quote on your stump grinding job in Brisbane.
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About Tree Stump Grinding

If you want to create more space in your yard, or if you are looking to get rid of a pesky stump that’s creating a hazard on your property, we can make short work of your tree stump removal job.

Our Stump Grinding Process

During the tree stump grinding process, the tree root, stump and any auxiliary parts of the tree stump are removed and ground up. You can then reuse the chips as mulch, or they can be composted. This will depend on the type of tree, of course, but most stump mulch can be safely repurposed elsewhere.

Our Stump Grinding Equipment

We use high powered equipment and always operate safely, to ensure that we are entirely protected for the job. Our equipment is compact and can fit into tight spaces, so even if you have a stump that’s out of the way, our team can get in and remove it for you. Our equipment is also powerful enough to handle even the toughest grinding jobs and will make short work of any sized stump.

Choose SEQ Tree Lopping for Stump Removal in Brisbane

At SEQ Tree Lopping, we are committed to providing a quality, tree stump grinding service. We have a lot of experience working with tree stumps and in performing tree stump removal, so when you choose SEQ Tree Lopping, you will always get fast, safe, and reliable service for your tree stump removal.

Contact us today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch with us on Facebook for a chat and a quote for your pruning, lopping or tree removal job. We’re based in Morayfield but can happily come to you wherever you are in Brisbane or across south-east Queensland.

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