Whether you need a tree removed for insurance purposes or if a fallen tree needs to be removed so an insurance claim can be made following a storm, contact SEQ Tree Lopping.

At SEQ Tree Lopping we provide comprehensive and hassle-free tree removal to homeowners and landlords across Brisbane and south-east Queensland. We understand the importance of working quickly and efficiently and can make short work of any insurance claim tree removal, no matter where you are in Brisbane.

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Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for a chat or a quote on your insurance claim tree removal Brisbane job.

Tree Removal For Insurance Purposes

If any of the trees around your home are in danger of falling onto your roof or otherwise impacting on your property, you may be at risk of not being covered by your insurance provider.

While you will usually be covered if a healthy tree has fallen on your property through no fault of your own, insurance companies do not generally cover for damage caused by a dangerous or otherwise unmaintained tree. So, if you’ve got a tree that you think might be a danger to your property, you may need to contact us for insurance claim tree removal in Brisbane, to ensure that your home is protected no matter what.

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Tree Removal For an Insurance Claim

Sometimes a tree will fall during a storm and result in damage to your property or obstruct access to your house and yard. We provide emergency call-outs, as well as insurance work if you do have a tree that has fallen on your home and has made a mess.

If you want to make an insurance claim on the damage caused and you need the tree removed asap, all you need to do is contact your insurance provider to commence your claim, and then call us and provide us with your claim number. We will take care of the rest!

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At SEQ Tree Lopping, we will come out to you in no time at all to provide emergency tree removal for your insurance claim. We are fast and reliable and are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible service no matter what.

We’re based in Morayfield with our service available across Brisbane and south east Queensland. To find out if we service your area and to get a quote, give us a call on 0447 172 885 or get in touch with us on Facebook.

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