Fallen trees are a part of life for many parts of Brisbane and south east Queensland, especially when those big summer storms roll through town. During a strong storm, branches can fall, and entire trees can be split by lightning or winds.

Don’t run the risk of trying to remove the tree yourself, especially if you do not have the equipment to do so. We offer a fast and reliable service that makes short work of any emergency tree removal matter.

Whether a storm has just blown through your backyard or if a tree has fallen and caused problems, we are here to help. Emergency tree removal is a service we offer when time is of the essence. No matter where your tree is and what condition it’s in, we are your dangerous tree removal experts, and we’re here to offer our services to you.

Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for immediate service and tree removal.

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Call us, and we will be there promptly for emergency tree removal. Contact Shane today on 0447 172 885 or get in touch on Facebook for immediate service and tree removal.

Why Choose Us For Your Emergency Tree Removal

The most important thing you need for emergency tree removal is speed and precision. Often, a tree will be balanced precariously on another tree or might be in a perilous spot. At SEQ Tree Lopping, we have a great deal of experience in managing all types of emergency jobs.

We make use of quality tree climbing and securing gear to ensure that the tree removal process is always undertaken safely.

We have full insurance to protect you in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

No matter the job, no matter the time of day or night, you can rely on SEQ Tree Lopping for emergency tree removal in a flash.

We work swiftly and with precision, dealing with any challenges as and when they arise.

We perform a full mulch and clean-up of your area which means that you’ll be free to enjoy your home and yard again sooner.

Emergency Tree Removal Brisbane

When it comes to emergency tree removal, we’ll get the job done. We can also help with preventative tree maintenance and management for trees that needs some pre-storm treatment.

If you think a tree is about to become a hazard or if you are dealing with a tree that has fallen and needs immediate removal, call us. We’re based in Morayfield, and our dangerous tree removal service is available right across Brisbane and south-east Queensland.

Contact us today on 0447 172 885 to arrange a dangerous tree removal and to receive a quote.

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